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Our Services

Web Design

We work with you to to design the site that you want and need to support your organization.

Every design is unique and tailored exactly to your needs.

Web Development

We install and develop all the functionality you need to run your business or organisation on the web.

Web Support

Once the site is built and running, we continuously monitor, update, protect and improve.


We are always available to help you get the best from your Website.  No technical jargon - just clear advice in plain English.


Search Engine Optimisation will get your site up the rankings in Google and other search engines.  Basic SEO and connection to social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is fully included.

Email Management

As an additional cost we can provide a full email backup and Archive service to protect one of your primary business tools.

SilverWolf are an authorised MailStore Reseller


Your Website is the window to your business. Branding services include Logo design, Social Media presence and the use of images unique to your business.


We show you how to change and maintain your site as part of every Web Build (or you can simply leave it all to us).  If you want additional training we can provide that with 1-2-1 tuition or classroom teaching.

The Detail

Some more detail below on what we do and how we do it.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Domain Registration

We take care of registering and maintaining your unique Domain name for you.  Your Domain name is your on-line identification and your on-line address.  It will be unique to your Website so that you can be found amongst the many millions of sites already out there.  The Domain name remains yours, and if you ever decide to move to another company, we will help you transfer it.

The first Domains were registered back in 1985 and today there are millions.  The chances are that your ideal Domain name is already taken.  But don’t despair, there are numerous ways and means to come up with a Domain name that is not only unique to you, but also helps drive visitors and customers to your site.

Hosting Management

SilverWolf Systems does not directly host your Website.  We leave that to the experts with large Data Centres and the infrastructure to keep your site up and running securely 24 hours every day.  However, we do manage all  interaction with the hosts so you don’t need to.  All host costs are fully included in our pricing

Currently we use two established host providers: 1and1 and SiteGround.  We use two providers to take advantage of their strengths in certain areas.  We will chose for you based on the needs of your Website, but if you have a preference, please let us know.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about making sure your Website can be found by the people you want to find it.  It’s a big subject and there are many experts out there to help.  However, the basic requirement is that a Google search will guide your customers to you.  Our Websites incorporate SEO best practice and we can provide additional guidance and help where needed.  We won’t guarantee to get you to number one in a Google search, but we will certainly get you as far up that list as possible.


For SilverWolf Systems Consultancy is communication.  We prefer to meet new clients face-to-face, which is why we give preference to local businesses in Essex and East London.  We will of course travel further afield and are happy to do so, but so far all our business is focused within the UK.

We recognise that every client is unique and different and therefore your Website must also be unique and different.  We also recognise that you are the expert in your own business and that is where you must focus your attention.  We will not trouble you with jargon or technicalities – we will take your requirements and shape the technology to your needs.

WebSite Design

Perhaps you already have a design in mind?   Perhaps you already know exactly what you need to communicate to your customers?  If so, than we can enable that for you while suggesting other things to add.  Our role is to take your ideas and guide you towards what works best on the Web.  We’ll advise on the use of colour, images and text and how to structure your pages to guide your customers to the content they need to see.

Above all, your design will be unique to you.

Your site will be designed using standard components which are tried and tested and secure.  However, they will be organised in a way that is unique to your needs and wishes.  Take a look at some of our existing customers to see how each has their own design

Remember – no design is set in stone.  If you want it changed at any point that is part of our support and maintenance service.

Website Development

What do you want to do with your Website?  Sell products?  Publicise and run events?  Run a membership site?  The possibilities can be endless.

Sometimes these functions can be enabled by standard components – but more often a great deal of customisation is needed, perhaps some unique code needs to be developed.  As an example, check out our site at Nutri-bombz.com.  The complexity of allowing customers to select multiple products, within a standard package, delivered on a regular basis, while allowing that customer to change the product mix at any point raised a number of interesting challenges.  The point is that anything is possible given sufficient time.

Website Support

Once your Website is live and running, our work continues.  Your Website will be monitored continuously so that we are alerted to any problems before you, and – most importantly – before your customers.  All site code is checked, and if necessary, updated on a weekly basis.  Regular backups are also taken.  You will receive full documentation in the form of a User Guide which will help you in using your Website as well as detailing what to do in the event of any problem.

Call or email in the event of a problem or if you need a change to the site.  Small changes will be actioned immediately, while for more complex changes we will agree a timescale to complete.

The cost of your Website includes 12 months support, starting from the day when the site goes live.  You then have the option to renew support for each following 12 month period.

Additional Services

In addition to our core business we also offer the following Services.  Please contact us if you havequestions.

Website Health Check

How is your current website performing?  Is it becoming dated?  Are you considering a redesign?  Thinking of changing from your current developer?  If so, this service is for you.

We will examine and evaluate your Website and provide a detailed written report of our findings with recommendations.  You may then chose to present this to your existing provider.

This service is priced at £100.  However, if you decide to move to SilverWolf Systems this fee will be fully refunded from the price of any redesign we subsequently undertake for your Website.

Web Training

We can run bespoke training on all aspects of Web development and design for individuals and teams.

Price is on application following a discussion of your needs and requirements.  Contact us for more information.

Let’s get together and create your Web Site


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